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Quiz on excursion around city Novokuznetsk

Dear friends,

We have just had a walking excursion around the city. We visited Zhukov's Square, Art Museum, Circus, Boulevard of Heroes with Eternal Flame. Now do, please, the following test.
1. Where was Zhukov G.K born?
2. What   handicraft was he taught at the age of 7?
3. What were his parents?
4. Name the main awards of Zhukov.
5. What battles with Zhukov's participation came into history?
6. What is written on the benches of the Square?
7. What was the name of the city when the picture gallery was opened?
8. Where was the Art Museum firstly located?
9. When was the 1st catalogue published?
10. When was the Eternal Flame lit up on the Boulevard of Heroes?
11. How long does the Boulevard stretch?
12. What plants took part in creating the Memorial Complex? Give some details.
13. What was the foundation of the church- chapel to St. George  Victorious devoted to?
14. What famous circus artists performed in Novokuznetsk Circus?
15. How many people could attend the show of the circus opening?
16. What other  cities of Russia (not regional centres) have such circuses?
17. When did  Novokuznetsk get city status?

The information which can helpful you can find in blog of class leader. 


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